Global Connect Data Center – Denmark


Global Connect is the leading supplier of fiber-based data communications and data centers in Northern Europe with 58000 km fiber network, 27000 m2 data center space and employees in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.  


UniCool A/S  our exclusive distributor in Denmark – was tasked with replacing the existing ammonia refrigeration systems with modern and energy efficient chillers at one of the Global Connect sites, in this case a big and important data center near Copenhagen. 


Together with UniCool, we developed 5 air cooled Turbomiser chillers, with oil-free centrifugal compressors, integrated pumps and with power control panel placed in the front board, with the related plumbing work for quick and easy replacement.

The units were designed to provide 241 kW (68 RT) of cooling capacity each and use the low environmental impact refrigerant HFO-1234ze (GWP<1). 


The biggest challenge was that all UniCool job had to be performed with the data center system in full operation. In fact, the existing cooling plants have been dismantled, in order to install the new refrigeration systems, and all this was made without any impact into running data center; it was essential to establish a temporary cooling in the meanwhile, otherwise the whole data center would have shut down causing a huge issue in the fiber internet connection for more than 20000 customers in the network. 


The installation of Turbomiser units ensures great benefits in terms of both efficiency and energy saving. A great outcome obtained by a perfect teamwork between Geoclima and UniCool who have put all their skills and knowledge into play.