International Banking Group – Italy


We have been commissioned by an important international banking group to design and build the new HVAC system for the Milan office.


The project aims to replace the existing units with new chillers that would ensure better levels of energy efficiency.


We have been chosen for the bespoke solutions that we are able to develope. The new units, in fact, had to respect some architectural limitations, so we designed tailor-made heat recovery and the evaporator connections were provided in the same position as the replaced unit.


For this project we have developed three air-cooled chillers with screw compressors and two air-cooled chillers with oil-free centrifugal compressors, for a total installed capacity of over 3 MW (853 RT). The five units ensure a high level of efficiency (EER 3.23 W/W*). Three of these use HFO-1234ze, the most environmentally friendly refrigerant gas on the market (GWP<1).

*Cooling kW/RT = 1.09 – Cooling EER BTU/Wh = 11.02