Sutto Family


Geoclima confirms itself as the leading refrigeration company in the wine sector. Sutto Family, a made in Italy brand of worldwide presence since 1933, has commissioned Geoclima to carry out an important ad hoc project for the control of over 30000 hL of wine in the fermentation, vinification and maintenance processes of its cellar.


The primary needs of the project were to ensure the highest levels in terms of energy savings and environmental sustainability. Two key points of all our production and the reason that led Sutto Family to choose us for this prestigious project.


For refrigeration in the fermentation, vinification and maintenance processes of over 30000 hL of wine, we provided a 600 kW (170 RT) Circlemiser chiller, with Turbocor compressors, innovative circular condensers, DNC (dynamic noise control) and low GWP refrigerant HFO-1234ze (GWP <1).

For the refrigeration in the bottling process of over 3000 hL of wine, we provided a 100 kW (28 RT) modular Circlemod air-cooled chiller, with semi-hermetic inverter compressors, exclusive circular condensers and R290 natural refrigerant (GWP = 3).

To keep constant temperatures and humidity throughout the year in the new barrel room, currently composed of 160 barrels, we provided a 7000 m3/h Climatech air handling unit, powered by a split refrigeration unit, consisting of a Geoclima condenserless VSE and a 40 kW (11 RT) Althermo modular remote condenser.


The result is a system with a high technological content, in which all Geoclima excellence combine to provide the level of performance required by a prestigious brand that is extremely attentive to quality and respect for the environment.