The «Cardinal Massaia» Hospital in Asti – Italy


Inaugurated in 2003, the «Cardinal Massaia» hospital in Asti, as part of the national health system, is an absolutely innovative structure from an architectural point of view and highly advanced from a technological point of view. It houses the major specialties, some of which boast health excellence at national and international level.


We were commissioned to replace the previous chiller with a new unit capable of serving all environments and guaranteeing the highest levels of efficiency and reliability, a fundamental requirement in the case of a hospital.


The designer requested customized dimensions to ensure that the unit could be installed in the mechanical room, but at the same time the chiller should have had the maximum number of compressors possible, both for a better partialization of the loads and for the necessary redundancy, which ensures continuous operation 24/7.


To meet these needs, we have designed a 3000 kW (853 RT) water-cooled chiller, with 6 oil-free centrifugal compressors. All this in a length of only 6100 mm (20 ft). The chiller ensures high levels of energy efficiency (EER 6.76 W/W*) and uses HFO-1234ze, the most environmentally friendly refrigerant gas on the market (GWP<1).

In addition, the system supplied is a real “complete package” because it also includes real-time remote diagnostics with maintenance service and a 5-year warranty.

*Cooling kW/RT = 0.52 – Cooling EER BTU/Wh = 23.07