Dobrowolscy, Poland


Dobrowolscy is a company from Wadowice that produces high quality cured meats. The company, which has over 600 employees and uses a trusted network of local farmers, manages to combine tradition and innovation, with particular attention to protecting the natural environment.


The project consists in the installation of a new HVAC system on the roof of the building in which various types of cured meats are produced. The requirements that the system must meet are reliability, energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact.


Together with our Polish partner Energycool, we have developed a 150 kW (42.6 RT) air-cooled unit with screw compressors and a 170 kW (48.3 RT) air-cooled chiller with reciprocating compressors. The chillers cool the propylene glycol down to -6 °C which will then be transported to the fan coils located in the production plant rooms.

Both chillers are equipped with heat recovery, which allows the sanitary water to be pre-heated using part of the heat that is commonly lost otherwise. This allows to reduce energy consumption, with consequent benefits in economic and environmental terms.

Furthermore, the chillers are designed to use the natural refrigerant R290 (GWP = 3).