The Swansea Civic Centre is located in the centre of the Welsh city, just 20m from the seafront.


The project concerned the replacement of the previous reciprocating chillers based on the outdated R22. One of the main challenges related to this kind of operation dealt with the necessity to avoid upheaval and disruption to the building and to adapt the existing refrigeration pipework to the requirements of a Turbomiser installation.


Geoclima met the client’s requirements by designing and producing two 420 kW TSE chillers to be connected to two RCE air-cooled condensers 70m far. Not only. We, together with our partner Cool-Therm, developed a project that adapted the existing refrigeration pipework in order to make them usable with the new chillers: in this way there was no need to completely replace the existing pipes. Moreover, we perfectly removed any traces of oil from the pipes in order to make them usable for the oil-free Turbocor chillers.


The project resulted in a perfectly integrated application. The plant provides high performance and high efficiency operation and, at the same time, it was possible to use the present pipework, with remarkable benefits in terms of cost saving.