Heat pump

Another important success: three interconnected units for a unique test

We have developed a prestigious project for an important English financial institution. The project required a very complicated testing work, since it was necessary to test the performance of an air handling unit in split version with a heat pump, simulating the actual ambient conditions in both summer (+ 35 °C) and winter (+ 10 °C). To do this, we have used our testing climate chamber as a air wind duct, with a chiller conditioning the ambient according to our needs. The testing phase has required 4 days to set up the system, in order to get realistic environmental conditions, and 3 days of witness test. The results have been very satisfying and have demonstrated the flexibility of our test center and the ability of our operators to make accurate measurements in every condition.
Watch a video of the testing phase.

air handling unit The air handling unit has a cooling capacity of 350 kW and a heating capacity of 415 kW. It is equipped with a damper and a flow deflector, which simulate the actual pressure drop within the duct of the plant.
Heat pump The air handling unit is electrically and hydraulically connected to a heat pump with scroll compressors and inverters, so that it is possible to verify the cooling and heating capacity of both units.
3 In order to control the air ambient temperature within the climate chamber, we used a 300 kW water cooled TMH chiller that carried hot or cold water to the dry coolers on the top of the chamber.