Four Turbomiser for an innovative project at the Manchester hospital

Turbomiser technology by Geoclima was chosen for a very innovative and cutting-edge project in the UK. Four 1200 kW Turbomiser units were designed for the Manchester Proton Beam Therapy centre, a brand new five storey facility at the Christie Hospital in Manchester, one of Europe’s leading cancer treatment hospitals. The MPBT project is going to be the UK’s first NHS high-energy proton beam therapy center and will provide three treatment rooms, one research room, patient reception, consultation rooms and public space in one 5 storey building. The estimated cooling load for the building is around 3.6 MW, therefore all four 1200 kW chillers should be running in part load to achieve the duty. Turbomiser running at part load provide always the highest efficiency and effective cooling. Units are going to serve the entire building, including proton beam machines, which require constant cooling and will take up the bulk of the building load. From this point of view it is clear that maximum reliability has been a key factor in the choice of Turbomiser technology.

Turbomiser chillers are being installed and will start running in January 2018, after building work will be completed.