Acrex India 2013

Big success for Turbomiser at Acrex India 2013

Great interest among the experts on Geoclima presence at Acrex India 2013, which took place in Mumbai on March 7th to 9th. Together with the historical partner Zamil, Geoclima presented Turbomiser, the line of ultra-efficient chiller. The opportunity could not be better, since the theme of the fair this year was “Dedicated to an eco-friendly environment”. In fact, the problem of the energy cost is strongly felt in India and Pakistan, where technological solutions with high energy efficiency, such as represented by Turbomiser, are enthusiastically researched and accepted.

ISH - propane in the civilian sector

At ISH to propose propane also in the civilian sector

From March 10 to 14, Geoclima was present at ISH in Frankfurt together with partner Frigoteam. It was the perfect opportunity to move attention of the industry to propane use on chillers for air conditioning civil systems. In fact, as spotted by the new EU law proposal, which provides penalties for facilities that use fluorinated refrigerants that exceed the limit of GWP = 5, the attention of use machines with low environmental impact is highly increasing. Propane is a natural refrigerant liquid and it has a GWP = 3.

chiller with double combination cycle R290/CO2

The first chiller with double combination cycle R290/CO2

Geoclima, in collaboration with German distributor Frigoteam, developed the first chiller in Europe with double combination cycle propane and carbon dioxide. The unit is a VHA air-cooled unit and allows the end customer to produce simultaneously two different cooling processes, on a highly efficient mode from energy point of view and low environmental impact, both for used refrigerants and for design know-how.