seminar in Berlin

Berlin: seminar with Frigoteam dedicated to natural refrigerants

On the 18th April was held at the Hotel Sylter Hof Berlin a seminar entitled “Natural Refrigerants: efficiency, environmental friendly and designed for the future”. Organized in collaboration with Frigoteam, the seminar informed the market about the latest technological developments related to the use of natural refrigerants such as carbon dioxide, ammonia and propane. Geoclima, the leading designer of chillers with low environmental impact, has made available its expertise, illustrating some important case studies, such as the first chiller in Europe with two combined-cycle propane and carbon dioxide.

seminars in Russia

Russia: two seminars to present to the market the revolutionary Turbomiser

On 2nd and 4th April in Russia, in Moscow and Ekaterinburg, two seminars took place by Geoclima to present to the market technological breakthroughs with Turbomiser line of chillers. The seminars titled “Turbomiser. Thinking and doing in a new way. Eco-revolution in the world of climate” drew about 60 people, including consultant, partners, designers, and public figures, all excited to learn about the innovative solutions Turbomiser offers in the design phase of air-conditioning systems and low environmental impact and high energy efficiency granteed.