witness test Geoclima Asia

First witness test for Geoclima Asia

Geoclima ensures the highest quality for every single units, everywhere. From design to production, from testing to assistance.

Geoclima Asia, the two-year-old production complex in Thailand, can therefore ensure the same highest quality standard for each unit produced, in terms of both materials and production, and offer the opportunity for clients to participate to very precise witness tests to their units. It is possible to test both air cooled and water cooled units up to 2000 kW.

The first witness test Geoclima Asia organized has been for three Turbomiser air cooled units, one of 450 kW and two of 900 kW, developed for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Before starting the tests on the units, all measuring instruments have been calibrated and validated by the client. For each unit the performance has been tested at 100% full load and 75%, 50% and 25% cooling part loads, with temperatures defined by standards and also with different temperatures required by the client. Moreover, it has been necessary to test the units outside and, at the same time, to ensure constant temperature.

With their presence at the production plant, the end user can not only assist to the test of their units, but can also verify the quality of the test as well as the quality of the production and of the entire project, getting in contact directly with Geoclima engineers.

The first witness test was successful and Geoclima Asia is ready to provide this service also for future projects.

"Retrofit Product Innovation" award for the Canary Wharf project

New award for the Canary Wharf project

The Canary Wharf project, developed by Cool-Therm with Geoclima and Clima Tech, after the H&V News Award, has recently been awarded as “Retrofit Product Innovation” at the Architects Journal Retrofit Awards 2016.

Geoclima new offices

Geoclima is getting bigger

Geoclima headquarters will soon include new space and offices. The enlargement of the building is necessary to sustain the company growth and the most recent launch of Geoclima Italia. Building extension works are expected to be concluded by Christmas.

comfort cooling for gas extraction plant

Geoclima and Clima Tech for a gas extraction plant

The R&D department of Geoclima and Clima Tech has designed and developed an integrated system for a “comfort cooling” application for a gas extraction plant in Russia.

Given the particular type of installation, the primary condition to be satisfied as the adherence to ATEX standards, in order to ensure the maximum safety and reliability.

For this project Geoclima and Clima Tech manufactured two air handling units TW2P3B and four VSA condensing units. Every AHU has to be connected to two VSA units: one working at full capacity, the other as back-up unit.

All VSA units are explosion proof and designed to work in temperatures down to -50 °C.



Geoclima supports GEOforCHILDREN and RIDE TO MOSCOW

RIDE TO MOSCOW crossed the finish line but that’s not the end..

On Sunday, August 14, RIDE TO MOSCOW, the charity project organized by GEOforCHILDREN organization, crossed the finish line. After 17 days and more than 2600 km, Paolo Ferraris, Alessandro Ferraris and Arturo Giustina arrived in Moscow: http://geoforchildren.org/ride-to-moscow-arrival/.

The aim of the project is to help Russian orphans, to raise public awareness on this issue, to raise money and promote the fund “A door for Life”, established by GEOforCHILDREN, to be with them every step of the way throughout their growth, before they leave the orphanages, and provide them with all possible instruments to deal with adulthood.

The group has already had the opportunity to meet some young boys and girls, living in an institute in Moscow. This has been a first occasion to introduce the project “A door for Life” and to get to know these youngsters and their wishes: http://geoforchildren.org/ride-to-moscow-closing-event-moscow/.

The athletic part of RIDE TO MOSCOW is over but the charity project of helping orphan children is just getting started and we at Geoclima will keep on supporting GEOforCHILDREN and telling you about the projects developed to help children in need.

We ask you, our partner, to keep following GEOforCHILDREN and their projects.