Smart technologies for the best HVAC experience

The Geoclima R&D Department is always committed to studying and developing new solutions to improve our clients’ experience. Quality, efficiency and reliability are the foundations of our engineering and updating processes.

From hardware equipment to software technologies, every single product is developed to improve end users’ experience and to provide a comprehensive service that clients can test on their own, from chiller selection to unit control.

DNC® enables the measurement of the noise produced by the chiller to provide always a very quiet running, ensuring the highest relative efficiency.

Geoclima Evaporative System® can reduce the annual electrical absorption of the chiller up to 30%, compared to a conventional adiabatic system.

With Geoselectool® you can select the Geoclima unit that most suits the specific requirements, plan the energy demand of the building, simulate the annual energy consumption and define the financial plan for that specific plant.

Onboard Touch® is a web-based solution to remotely monitor the chiller performance and diagnose any problems.

Teslamiser® is an integrated power supply management system, with a lithium polymer battery and a converter that controls the charge and release of lithium polymers.

ELECTROFIN® is a factory-applied electro-deposition coating process that guarantees complete heat exchanger coverage, maximum uniformity and no obstructions.

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New project by GEOforCHILDREN

GEOforCHILDREN, the no-profit association we support, is working on a new charity project for Summer 2017. During the RIDE TO DOLOMITI project, President Paolo Ferraris and a team of enthusiastic cyclists will cross the Dolomites riding their bikes. After the demanding and exciting challenge of last year project RIDE TO MOSCOW, with a fund raising of more than 70 thousand Euro to help orphan children (read here), GEOforCHILDREN does not stop and is going to ride again to share its message of solidarity.

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Units for Canary Wharf project

15 MW capacity with Geoclima and Clima Tech units

Geoclima technology has been chosen by major financial player to replace ageing plants in two major buildings at Canary Wharf district in London.

This project, developed in partnership with Cool-Therm, requires around 15 MW of total capacity provided by chillers, heat pumps and Clima Tech AHUs. It started with first delivery in 2015 and is expected to be completed within 2018.

All units are designed to provide great benefits and meet specific requirements, in order to improve performance and results: more efficiency, greater capacity, less energy consumption, lower noise.

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oil and gas company

Geoclima technology chosen by a major Italian oil and gas company

Geoclima Italia, our sales department for the Italian market, obtained and worked on a very special project in Italy.

A major international oil and gas company has chosen Geoclima’s technology for the replacement of the existing and inefficient air conditioning system of the main office headquarters in the EUR district of Rome. The project concerned the manufacture of two water cooled chillers for 2400 kW of total cooling capacity, designed to meet customer’s specific requirements in terms of site of installation, efficiency, delivery time.

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