Oil and Gas company – Rome


The client is a major international oil and gas company. They chose Geoclima for the replacement of the existing and inefficient air conditioning system of the main office headquarters in the EUR district of Rome.


For this project the new equipment should meet specific requirements concerning the space in the technical room for installation and the existing piping system. In addition to this, the new equipment should provide maximum efficiency and delivery time is very short.


For this project, Geoclima realized two 1200 kW (341 RT) GHH water cooled chillers, with 2400 kW of total cooling capacity, which have been tested and delivered in six weeks.

The units are designed with independent refrigeration circuits with flooded evaporators and two different control systems: Inverter control and Stepless control. The design of the units was developed to meet specific requirements in terms of restricted space in the technical room and of position of the existing piping system. Switchboards of both units are design to be removed and then connected again within the technical room. In addition to this the units are designed to provide the highest efficiency, with EER 5.43 (W/W)*.

*Cooling kW/RT = 0.65 – Cooling EER BTU/Wh = 18.53