new adiabatic

Discover the evolution of Geoclima adiabatic system

In its current version, the adiabatic system is a very good solution and provides significant results in terms of performance and energy savings. Nevertheless, it has some limits that limit its effectiveness and efficiency. That’s why our R&D Department has designed new solutions to further improve the operation and the effectiveness of the system.

Old adiabatic system

Old adiabatic system

Limits of the current version

1. The “water drain pan” hinders the air flow from the bottom and, therefore, the ventilation of the coils.
2. The full opening of the pads on OFF mode is hindered by the presence of the water pipe that is positioned just between the pads: this is another obstacle to the air flow.

New adiabatic system

The solutions provided by the new version

1. New water collection system: the “drain pan” is removed and in its stead a new “drainpipe” system has been designed, with gutters positioned under each pad and draining the water out.
2. The water pipe is positioned externally at the top of the condenser coils: in this way the pads can fully open.

The benefits

The new adiabatic evaporative system brings many advantages: firstly, it ensures a greater air flow towards the condenser coils, both on ON (closed pads) and OFF (opened pads) mode; then, it allows an easier access and maintenance; finally, it made it possible to eliminate a great amount of unnecessary material, in favour of more compact and more efficient structures.
The overall result is a greater total efficiency of the entire system.