Geoclima Australasia

Geoclima Australasia: the new reference point for the HVAC market

We have just opened a sales and service office in Melbourne and a new factory in Bangkok is nearing completion. The new office in Melbourne will be the core of Geoclima Australasia and will be managed by Paul Kozlov and Detlef Kreuzer with a combined experience in the chiller market of more than 60 years.

The manufacturing site in Bangkok will be the production base of Geoclima Australasia. The Thai personnel have just completed a one-month training period in our Italian factory: techniques and technologies used in Thailand will be the same employed in Italy and in Russia, so that to insure the same product and the same quality all over the world. In this way, we will continue to grow and export our values and mission everywhere in the world: high efficiency, low environmental impact and customization.

Being present in Australia with a new office will make it possible for us to have a focused overview of the target market, mainly thanks to Kozlov and Kreuzer’s experience, and to be an important reference point for HVAC experts, in terms of both customer care and highly qualified consultancy.


What’s new in Australia with Geoclima Australasia:

  • Use of refrigerant HFO1234ze with GWP=1
  • Noise control with the DNC
  • Adiabatic system
  • Specific design for extremely high ambient temperatures
  • Use of oil-free compressors withthe ultra-high full load COP (as high as 7)
  • Maximum customization (such as cascade circuit, roof top installation, use of ammonia or propane as refrigerants
  • Chillers for special applications such as those for hazardous areas (Class 1 Zone 2), mining, marine etc.


For further information:

+61 (03) 9729 3552