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Thanks to Geoselectool it’s very easy to find the chiller that best fits your needs

Geoclima, together with the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padua, has developed Geoselectool, available at www.geoselectool.com, to find the best chiller for  every need.

Using the Geoselectool, the user can plan the energy demand of the building, select the Geoclima unit that most suits the specific requirements, simulate the annual energy consumption and define the financial plan for that specific plant.
The software provides 3 different selections.
Building Selection
Geolocal Selection
Chiller Selection

Whatever the selection is, the user can download the final report and send the commercial offer of the specific unit model.

These three types of selection offer different alternatives to get a realistic simulation of the working conditions and a research for the best solution provided by Geoclima.

For more information, click here: www.geoselectool.com/presentation