A new benchmark for Australian HVAC market

On November 11th, MEK Engineering launched the operations of Geoclima Australasia in Perth, at the East Fremantle Yacht Club. During the event, Mike Honer (MEK Engineering) and  Paul Kozlov (Geoclima) strengthened the existing partnerships, presented the chiller range and promoted our products and technologies.

The event was attended by approximately 40 guests, including contractors, supporters, consultants, and other experts in the HVAC sector.

The Australian HVAC market is strongly oriented towards energy efficiency and engineered solutions providing high reliability and efficiency and, at the same time, reducing management and maintenance costs.

Geoclima products and options are particularly suitable for satisfying these requirements. Attendants showed great interest in the Turbomiser units, the new adiabatic evaporative system and the use of low GWP refrigerants, such as R290, R600a and HFO-1234ze. Such interest is demonstrated also by the receipt of the first orders for Geoclima chillers: a dozen of units are being delivered around this Christmas.

Geoclima Australasia will equally rely on the production facility in Italy and Bangkok. The Thai factory will start operating at the beginning of 2015 and will shorten the lead times and assist with the testing of chillers to AHRI and other standards.

The main innovation introduced by Geoclima Australasia noticed by the attendees was the unprecedented efficiency of the dual circuit series-counterflow Turbomiser chillers on dissimilar compressors and the widest range of products and options on offer in 4 MW and under central plant market. Specifically, the talks and Q&A session revolved around the following topics:

  • Turbocor-powered chillers for mission critical applications incl Data Centres
  • Modular 50 kW heat pumps on isobutane
  • Dynamic noise control
  • Air-cooled chillers for the ambient 45°C and above
  • Turbomiser family of air- and water-cooled chillers
  • Stock chillers, compressors and spare parts making our service prompt and effective.

The most interest for the Australian HVAC market was found to be in the exceptional energy efficiency, an ability to optimise several chiller plant components and the highest standard of the service and sales support. We currently have Turbocor-powered chillers  of 500 to 1000 kW in our Melbourne stock.

Geoclima chillers offer the state-of-the-art  technology and the highest quality provided by ensuring the highest efficiency and reliability with reduced delivery times.

The highest quality of customer service will be provided to the Australian market by our qualified local and Italian personnel as well as by our trained service partner network. The first few chillers will be commissioned in Australia around this coming Christmas.

Geoclima Australasia offers advanced engineered solutions, customized on the clients’ specific needs and able to meet particular security requirements, mainly in case of special installations, like those for hazardous areas, mining or naval sector.

Although Geoclima units have been running in Australia since 2002, the customer base was predominantly in the food and the process industry, supplied from the Italian plant. The newly established Geoclima presence in Perth and Melbourne, an addition of a new manufacturing and test facility in Bangkok made ourselves a permanent part of the Australian HVAC & R sector.

In conclusion, the launch of Geoclima Australasia was an important occasion presenting our technology and  introducing the main novelties, such as the stock chillers and the partnership with MEK Engineering, our service partner for the Australian market.