Turbomiser air cooled chillers with silencers

Turbomiser in the heart of London

A very special project was developed by Geoclima, together with partner Cool-Therm, for two brand-new exclusive buildings in the City of Westminster. The buildings are very high end residential apartments with £1m value each and will be located on different sides of the road. The building construction has begun and project completion is expected for late 2016.

For this project, Geoclima designed and developed two 900 kW air cooled Turbomiser chillers, providing 1.8 MW of total cooling capacity. The chillers are equipped with silencers installed on the top of the fans, so as to reduce noise emissions and to meet the client’s specific acoustic requirements. In addition to that, we also designed an extra lower framework to allow pipework to be installed in the base of the chillers.

The chillers are designed to provide cooling capacity for both buildings and the cooling infrastructures are linked together.

The project was very challenging as it required the customization of the plant not only in terms of performance but also in terms of structural issues.

The two Turbomiser air cooled chillers with silencers have just been installed on the roof the building but are meant to be commissioned in early 2016.