Turbomiser modular unit at Jagiellonian Library in Poland

Turbomiser modular unit for Polish library

For the renovation of the air conditioning system of the Jagiellonian Library in Cracow, Geoclima worked closely with Energycool in the design of new air cooled Turbomiser unit for indoor installation, with radial fans and 300 kW of cooling capacity.

The project set several challenges, from both the design and the installation point of view. The new chiller had to be designed according to the existing air conditioning system and to the existing air intake and air discharge ducts. The new Turbomiser unit has to be installed indoor, in the technical room underground, where it is not possible to enter and move the whole unit. The solution provided by Geoclima is a modular unit designed to me dismantled outside and then fit back together within the technical room.

Read more about this project: https://www.geoclima.com/portfolio-item/poland-jagiellonian-library/