The Geoclima story as told by President Paolo Ferraris

In a recent interview conducted by Carlo Tomaso Parmegiani and published on the 11th of January in the main Italian national newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, president Paolo Ferraris told the story of Geoclima, from the beginning through the turning points that led Geoclima to become an established business in the design and manufacture of standard, as well as non-standard air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.



“I was the technical and production manager in a company operating in the refrigeration industry – Ferraris says – which mainly dealt with the German market with great success. Due to an unfortunate change of management, in 1992 the company fell into a crisis and ended up being leased by an entrepreneur. After having given it my all for many years, working more than 14 hours a day, I did not agree with the new path undertaken by the new leadership. On the strength of my experience, I found several people that were willing to invest in my proposal to establish a new company in the air conditioning industry. The investors trusted me and became founding members of Geoclima”.

From the very beginning, at Geoclima we have focused on the development of customized solutions.


“In 2005, when in Italy the HVAC industry fell into a crisis due to the loss of competitiveness, we were facing growth problems: I wanted to expand, but I needed more commercial know-how. So, I started a partnership with Zamil, a Saudi company operating in 25 different sectors with 12 thousands employees and a turnover of 1,5 billion dollars. Zamil was looking for a European mid-sized company as a “technology centre”. Geoclima have designed some cutting-edge products for Zamil, who produced and sold them to the Arabian market, giving us the opportunity to find new clients in North Africa, America, India, Bangladesh and Australia”.

The partnership with Zamil is still going strong today, with different projects developed together:


“We embraced new high efficiency technologies ensuring around 20-25% of energy saving compared with traditional systems. Of course, this leads to an increase in the price of our products, but our clients know that they can amortize the investment within a couple of years and then, during the entire life cycle of the equipment (10 to 15 years), large savings are made”.


Today Geoclima has more than 110 employees, spanning the globe from Italy to Australia. Our turnover has surpassed EUR 38 million and we are expanding further into the Air Conditioning markets in 2016.