co2 levels

In March CO2 levels broke the 400 ppm record

A new record of CO2 concentration on the atmosphere was recorded in March. Figures were released by the US agency NOAA (National Ocean and Atmosphere Administration), which pointed out that for the first time CO2 concentration levels surpassed 400 ppm (parts per million) globally for a month.

In addition to these data, the US agency highlights the fact that this rise in CO2 levels  is “manmade”, as before the industrial revolution began in around 1850, the global concentration stood at 280 parts per million CO2. Half of the current rise occurred since 1980. (

Scientists at NOAA also pointed out that even if manmade emissions were dramatically cut […] the concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere would only stabilise, not fall. This highlights the urgent need to take action to cut emissions and find alternatives in order to limit global warming.

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