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“ThinkForward»” is now online: a new perspective on our world

Great news from Geoclima: our new blog ThinkForward» is now online. The blog will be the place where you can find in-depth news about different issues, with links to reports and articles from the main magazines and newspapers.

The blog will focus on three main categories: the Geoclima world, with in-depth studies about the different applications; the world of refrigeration in general, with news about the latest technologies, regulations and opportunities; the green culture, with news and analysis about environmental conservation and sustainability.

The purpose of the Blog is to offer a press review of quality contents you will be able to read and share.

If you would like to suggest further news we should share, please just do it by writing at: You are our readers and we would love to offer something that is of interest to you!

Hope to see you on the blog and as always #THINKFORWARD!