TMA FC with free cooling system

Cooling capacity: 190 – 1200 kW (54 – 341 RT)


Air cooled chiller with Turbocor centrifugal compressors, axial fans and Free Cooling system for outdoor installation

With this design, high efficiency heat exchangers are positioned in front of the condenser coils. The system works whenever ambient conditions are low enough to cool the chilled water without using refrigeration compressors. The system is especially effective when chilled water temperatures are relatively high (i.e. above the standard 6-12 °C / 42.8-53.6 °F temperature). In some cases, data centres for example, chilled water temperatures can be as high as 18 °C (64.4 °F), which means that the opportunity for ambient air cooling is greatly increased. TMA FC is available in LN (Low Noise) or LLN (Super Low Noise) versions, for installation in plant rooms where sound levels must be kept to a minimum.