Hvidovre Hospital – Denmark


Hvidovre Hospital is one of Denmark’s largest with more than 40000 patients admitted each year. It has 35 departments, including Denmark’s largest delivery ward with more than 5500 deliveries a year. The hospital is also a teaching hospital for medical students from Copenhagen University.


UniCool A/S – our exclusive distributor in Denmark – was tasked with replacing the cooling system according to the customer’s needs for energy saving, optimization and renovation of technical equipment. The hospital has a ring pipe system that supplies chilled water to scanners, ventilation units, fan coils and server rooms. However, the old system was unable to recover the heat which was just wasted on the air. The new installation, therefore, had to be able to recover the heat and introduce it into preheating of air intake for ventilation units; thus, heating is provided approximately 75% of the year.


Geoclima designed three 700 kW Turbomiser water cooled chillers with oil-free centrifugal compressors and heat recovery function. The chillers are installed in separate machine rooms for fire and noise suppression with their own safety systems.

Thanks to this design, the microprocessor is able to detect the heat demand from the building’s heating system and divert part of the condensation to a second exchanger to heat the water before sending it to the aforementioned heating system. A smart recovery on demand for more cost savings.

In addition, the chillers are designed to use the HFO-1234ze, the greenest refrigerant in the world (GWP <1), and are able to guarantee EER levels of 5.27 (W/W)*.

*Cooling kW/RT = 0.67 – Cooling EER BTU/Wh = 17.98


The oil-free technology combined with multichannel coils and flooded evaporator allows to reduce management and maintenance costs compared to the old system, both on an annual and life basis. It also guarantees the desired energy savings, showing the best EER levels and the heat recovery system that allows to limit the use of boilers or central heating.